Before you Begin

Starting a successful Nonprofit requires a great deal of preparation. The GG Ministries Nonprofit Guide is designed to provide basic information on starting a successful Nonprofit.

Getting Started

Choose a name for your organization. Click here for some words that you can use to help suggest your 501(c)(3) non-profit purposes and activities:
What are your Mission, Vision & Goals? Your mission statement should describe the overall purpose of the organization. It addresses the question “Why does the organization exist?” Click here for a summary of potential key words that can be incorporated into any Mission Statement and/or Statement of Principles and Values.
Incorporation All non-profit corporations must have an organizational structure and
Rules or bylaws by which they are managed. The organizational structure is
Comprised of directors and officers, which handle the internal management of
The corporation, and perhaps also of members, which may have the right to
Elect the directors of the corporation. The internal management of the corporation
is regulated by the corporate bylaws and the articles of incorporation. Clickhere for a summary of the non-profit corporation organizational structure

Obtain Tax-Exempt Status

Federal_501(c)3)_Tax_Exempt_Status: Forming a nonprofit organization does not guarantee tax-exempt status. To obtain tax-exempt status you must apply to the Internal Revenue Service TE/GE Division State_Tax_Exempt_Status: Many states require an application process for exemption from State Income tax. This is required even though you have received Exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. Moreover, most states require Annual Corporation filing for non-profit organizations. State Sales Tax Exemption: Your organization may be eligible for exemption from State Sales Tax.
State Registration for Soliciting Contributions Generally, any nonprofit that conducts a charitable solicitation within the borders of a state, by any means, is subject to its law and is therefore required to register

IRS Annual Filing Requirements

An organization that normally has $50,000 or more in gross receipts and that is required to file an exempt organization information return must file either Form 990Return of Organization Exempt from Income Tax, or Form 990-EZShort Form Return of Organization Exempt from Income TaxIRS ContributionsSubstantiation and Disclosure Requirements: A charitable organization must provide a written disclosure statement to donors of a quid pro quo contribution in excess of $75 State Annual Filing Requirements Non-profit corporations must file an annual report each year with the Department of Sate. In addition to the annual report described above, there are several other state registrations and Corporate Tax Returns that may need to be filed. Most organizations that solicit funds from the general public must complete a charitable solicitation registration. Most organizations that maintain any funds for charitable purposes must register as a “Charitable Trust.” Some organizations may owe State Business and Occupations tax..