An organization may qualify for exemption from federal income tax if it is organized and operated for one of the following 501(c)(3) purposes:

…and Prevention of cruelty to children or animals

501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Benefits

Non-Profits seek recognition of 501(c)(3) exempt status from the IRS because such recognition provides many benefits. This is crucial for the prosperity of the Organization, and also that the Directors of the organization, as well as its donors and contributors, are certain that the Organization is eligible for exemption and the many tax-preferred provisions that congress has created for such organizations.

However, the IRS establishes a number of overriding restrictions and limitations that apply to your Non-Profit. Meeting these rules is critical to qualifying for and maintaining your nonprofit tax-exempt status. These laws are complex.

For more specific information on tax exempt status for the most common 501(c)(3) organizations, choose from the following links:

501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Benefits

  • Public recognition of nonprofit 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status
  • Advance assurance to donors of deductibility of contributions
  • Eligible to receive federal, state and local grants
  • Exemption from federal taxes and tax deductions for contributors
  • Exemption from state income taxes, sales taxes and property taxes
  • Non-profit mailing privileges, and cheaper classified rates
  • Free radio, television and print “public service announcements”


Our Complete “Non- Profit Tax Exempt Service” Includes:

  • Complete preparation of the Federal 501(c)(3) application and schedules
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Your state’s non-profit tax exemption
  • Your state’s sales tax exemption
  • Your state’s registration for soliciting contributions
  • Your state’s solicitation disclosure requirements
  • IRS contributions substantiation and disclosure requirements
  • IRS compliant forms
  • Toll-free professional guidance, education and exempt compliance assistance

We have formed and prepared the following types of 501(c)(3) organizations:

Churches, Ministries, Schools, Academies, Hospitals, Homes for the aged and handicapped, Child care centers, Community Development Corporations, Art & Cultural Centers, Recreation, Sports & Athletics, Television & Radio stations, Orchestra and Music Troupes, Associations, Coalitions, International Missions & Exchange, Research and Scholarships, Welfare, Environmental.

There are some 27 different kinds of organizations that qualify for tax exemption under code section 501(c). We have also successfully obtained 501(c) tax exempt status for the following organizations:

  • 501(c)(4) Civic Leagues, Social Welfare.
  • 501(c)(5) Labor, agricultural, and horticultural.
  • 501(c)(6) Business leagues, chambers of commerce, real estate boards, etc.
  • 501(c)(7) Social and recreation clubs.
  • 501(c)(13) Cemetery corporations.
  • 501(k) Child care organizations.

If you are interested in obtaining a tax-exempt status for any of the above organizations, please call us.